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”Samantha …gets you to think differently!” Dr Jerry Zhang, professor of Chinese medicine


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We support Urth Practitioners. - projects in many disciplines including agriculture, soil health, water, wind, waste and renewable energy

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BioEnergy…an endless supply as human and domesticated animals now number 96% of all mammalian species on the planet!

Let’s get more renewable, creating clean water, compost for agriculture and 24/7 renewable energy.

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Urth Founders the stewards of our planet and the creators of a balanced planet.


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What is an Urth investor?

conscious, hard working individuals that want their money to work for them to create return that matters.

People who would like to invest in truly sustainable earth balancing projects with long ranging ROI ( returns on investment) called infinity returns.

Urth Projects

Great news!

We have partnered with the wonderful Sam Marwood at Cultivate Farms and have some exciting projects looking for funding that match our mission! Urth is also accepting environmental projects for review!

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Our Philosophy

At Urth, we believe in empowering both the projects and the investors because we all share the same goal and values. We are all about profitable, sustainable investment to help fund projects that will shape the world into a better place.

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Founder and artist Samantha Jewel talks about why she perseveres with solutions to the climate despite depressing odds

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