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This month is all about Pet health and how what your loving animal eats affects not only them but the Climate with guest speaker Phivo Christodoulou from Augustine Approved.

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Urth love for your pet and the earth

Urth love for your pet and the earth

Organic Frozen Food for your beloved Fur-baby!

We are launching a new frozen, organic. gourmet dog dinner delivered to your door!

Direct from GreenAg, regenerative, organic Turkey and Chicken farm in Toowoomba Australia. This food is created into a gourmet dog and cat dinner from whole turkeys parts so your pet gets all the nutrients needed together with carrot and parsley. The birds as hatchlings listen to baroque music to calm them, then go through a 3 day detox from the stress of the hatcheries. Following that they are provided home grown and milled certified organic feed and detoxifying natural supplements so that the birds, when fully grown, are basically a healing food for your animal. At no time during the growing or processing are there any added chemicals, preservatives, artificial colours or fillers. The animals are handled in the most stress free manner possible with all thought to their welfare and energetics so that the meat from them is as holistic as possible with no stress cortisol pumping through them to create precursors of disease. Read testimonial here

The meat from these birds may cause your pet to strip toxins they may have accumulated from other pet foods which may take a few weeks to reach maximum effect!

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Compare a sample of conventional bird feed, pictured on the right, to the multicoloured and sweet smelling organically grown and milled feed on the left which they are fed! Like humans animals don’t do well on the single gene variety of wheat we and they are often fed. Our pet food the birds are GLUTEN free fed only sorghum, mung beans and some nutrients to ward off sickness plus the grasses and worms they forage for in the regenerative multi species grounds. Such a difference and the whole farm smells sweet!

from comes this data by trainer and dog expert Michele Welton:

In the 1930s, the USDA started stamping "failed" on wheat and corn that didn't pass inspection for the human market due to mold, rancidity, and other contaminants. The annoyed manufacturers discovered that the meat industry faced the same dilemma – meat that failed USDA inspection because it had spoiled or because the livestock was diseased.

The idea of mixing the rejects together and calling it "pet food" was born.

Babies turkeys are so cute

Babies turkeys are so cute

5 weeks old and out of the warmth of the growing sheds these young birds now have the feathers to keep them warm

5 weeks old and out of the warmth of the growing sheds these young birds now have the feathers to keep them warm

Fully grown girl Turkeys called hens

Fully grown girl Turkeys called hens

Fully grown healthy boy turkeys called Toms or Gobblers taking a wander around the farm

Fully grown healthy boy turkeys called Toms or Gobblers taking a wander around the farm

Order at the urthstore and add code ‘Urth’ in the checkout discount section to receive a discount.

(Orders of organic, whole Frozen Turkey and Chicken for human consumption will be available soon, please contact us at if interested for your home and family in the same delivery as orders over $200 attract free delivery.)


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What is an Urth investor?

conscious, hard working individuals that want their money to work for them to create return that matters.

People who would like to invest in truly sustainable earth balancing projects with long ranging ROI ( returns on investment) called infinity returns.

Urth Projects

Great news!

Founder and artist Samantha Jewel talks about why she perseveres with solutions to the climate despite depressing odds

We have partnered with the wonderful Cultivate Farms and have some exciting projects looking for funding that match our mission! Urth is also accepting environmental projects for review!

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Our Philosophy

At Urth, we believe in empowering both the projects and the investors because we all share the same goal and values. We are all about profitable, sustainable investment to help fund projects that will shape the world into a better place.

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Did you know 2 farmers a day suicide in Australia?

Urth Founder Samantha Jewel brings educators, amazing projects in the making, innovations and inventions together at

Stone and Chalk.

Come, listen and be part of the discussion.

Imagine if what you ate

•Cooled the planet,

•Solved farm suicides

•Protected wildlife

•Reversed the bug extinction issue,

•Stopped poisoning plants, microbes, animals and us

•Provided endless renewable energy 24/7 with no pollution

•Created clean water and compost for agriculture,

Imagine if we could do all that right now?

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…We can


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