Urth is an environmental crypto-investor marketplace that connects eco-projects with people that would like to invest in a project that provide business solutions to environmental problems.



Eco founders with their innovative Ideas and strategy, that needs funding, can apply to be listed in our marketplace that would get their projects in the eyes of investors who share their goals and philosophy - people who get it. Once we approve your application you will also get support from our team to help you communicate your business and your ideas, set realistic milestones, train you about cryptocurrency and give you basic financial tools and concepts to ensure your success.


In the Urth marketplace, our team of investment experts will analyse the eco projects to determine the potential of the business and will list only the projects that meets our Urth standard. That way, all the projects you see in our marketplace are safe, reliable and more likely to succeed. Our platform also will present information about your investment in a way that is easy to understand so that you know exactly where your money is going and what is happening in that investment. And if the idea you invested on doesn’t have enough funding to take off, we will simply return your urth coin to your urth wallet and you can get investing on other projects.

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Our Philosophy

At Urth, we believe in empowering both the projects and the investors because we all share the same goal and values. We are all about profitable investment to help fund projects that will shape the world into a better place.


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