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subscriptions available when you work out the quantities your dog will need. Please be aware as your dog’s gut changes from the food you give them now they may need less to fill up.

All birds are fed gluten free, certified organic grains to supplement the herbs they graze on so they are also very healthy!

*Dog Food

All organic Ingredients:

minced turkey bone, meat and skin, organic carrot and parsley.

The turkey meat, skin and bone mince is created into a gourmet dog dinner so your pet gets all the nutrients needed whether a puppy or full grown animal mixed together with carrot and parsley. We suggest you refer to your animal expert for quantities but the farmer feeds his very healthy animals roughly 100- 200 gms for small to medium dogs and 250-300 gms for a very large active dog. One container is 500 gms.

The birds as hatchlings listen to baroque music to calm them (as at this point there is only one organic hatchery in the USA - none in the rest of the world commercially), then go through a 3 day detox from the stress of the hatcheries. With your support, the aim is to eventually grow the business to afford also doing Australia’s first organic hatchery so their health care is in the entire life cycle. Following the detox, they are provided organic mung beans and sorghum (no cheap wheat, as most poultry is fed, so they are gluten free) plus detoxifying, natural supplements so that the birds, when fully grown, are basically a healing food for you or your animal. At no time during the growing or processing are there any added chemicals, preservatives, artificial colours or fillers. The animals are handled in the most humane way possible.

bird feed.jpg

Compare a sample of conventional bird feed, pictured on the right, to the multicoloured and sweet smelling organically grown and milled feed on the left which the birds are fed! Like humans, animals don’t do well on the single gene variety of wheat most poultry are fed which is why our product is more expensive. In our pet food, the birds are fed GLUTEN free. Fed only - sorghum, mung beans and some nutrients plus the grasses and worms they forage for in the regenerative, multi-species grounds. Such a difference and the whole farm smells sweet!

milled seeds

milled seeds

About Cats….

CATS can eat it but require a greater ratio of meat to bone as they are a pure predator not a scavenger species so cannot eat as much bone or vegetables so would require adding extra fresh TURKEY MINCE also available at checkout. This product is 50/50 bone and veg (parsley and carrot) to meat while cats require mainly meat at 90/10 ratio.

Your pet may experience some changes in bowel movement while detoxing for a few weeks depending on the state of the toxins from food and environment in their gut biome as they change diet from some foods. This is especially true if changing from some dry kibbles to a raw food diet.

Many dry foods have synthetic tastes sprayed onto them to make it appealing and, like a junk food and can take a bit of weaning for a fussy eater. But if health is your focus please persist.

Even the odd wild meat option can be hard to determine if the animals have grazed on pesticide-laden crops that can pass into your animal like kangaroo. Expect a healthy improvement! .

As a rough guide you will need to work out we suggest

tiny dog

100gms per day = 3kg; 12 containers (see pictures above) every 4 weeks

medium to large very active dogs

200-400gm per day = 6-12kg ; 12-24 containers every 4 weeks.

Giant dogs depend on activity and age of breed so may only need lower amounts than larger working animals - we suggest you refer to your health professional if in doubt.

Deliveries are are usually within 1-2 business days to most parts of Australia.

Why not sign up for a subscription and take the hassle from ordering?

International enquiries still under development please email here

Butterflied, pre marinated, roasting chickens with fresh organic herbs and olive oil NOW AVAILABLE.

organic marinated chicken and herbs $25 per kilo

organic marinated chicken and herbs $25 per kilo


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All birds are free roaming, fed organically grown and milled seeds and played Bach from hatchlings to calm them.

Spreading their wings.jpg
The hens are off for a chat and a wander…

The hens are off for a chat and a wander…


… I have three dogs now and they don't enjoy processed, commercially available food. In fact they have had a number of health issues, mainly related to their skin, which have resolved since I've been feeding the Turkey Dinners. Their weight is normal, they are happy and healthy. I think the addition of vegetables is really beneficial for them. Also I think I mentioned before that my husband won't eat any chicken but yours. He's pretty fussy! best wishes and thank you, Barb


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