Why Urth, beyond what?

Urth is based on the ancient premise that within us all is the desire to live a good life filled with beauty in balance with the earth and that there are many of us not only already well of this change but actively embracing and living beyond it striving for a nobility beyond the ordinary expectations around us.

Taken loosely from the mythic challenge of Arthur Pendragon (Uther) and his knights of the round table, seeking to nurture the very life force of mother earth and the feminine energy. Like Uther’s story, Urth is on a quest for what creates balance in this life!


The U and the wave symbolises this cup of life.

Did you know, for instance, that 2 farmers a day suicide in Australia?

Urth Founder Samantha Jewel brings educators, amazing projects in the making, innovations and inventions together at

Stone and Chalk. to brainstorm ways to resolve this

Come, listen and be part of the discussion.

Imagine if what you ate

•Cooled the planet,

•Solved farm suicides

•Protected wildlife

•Reversed the bug extinction issue,

•Stopped poisoning plants, microbes, animals and us

•Provided endless renewable energy 24/7 with no pollution

•Created clean water and compost for agriculture,

Imagine if we could do all that right now?

…We can


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