Agriculture projects

Urth is validating all projects to fit our climate mission

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The following are some of the current projects we have available (2 more coming in partnership with Cultivate Farms. An initiative that partners young potential farmers with retiring farmers who may want to reman in partnership but have no family to leave their land to. We are helping fund these projects that also have wildlife regeneration as part of their mission. Together with you the investor we can become a part of the carbon regeneration process whilst making money. There are a number of possibilities around each slightly different for you to be a part of.come on the journey with us!

6000 acres

‘Shady Brae’

This farm is 6000 acres and will be partnered 50% with the retiring farmer remaining on the land and a young farmer also buying in to work with him through Cultivate Farms. The remaining amount up for Urth investors to invest with as little as $2500 with our new partners who are fully ASX listed with full public open books. Each investment is prorated as a share of the farm to earn leasing returns and capital growth. This project will be mentored with our regeneration educators and business advisors RCS.

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