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Urth is validating all projects to fit our climate mission

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The following are some of the current projects we have available (2 more coming in partnership with Cultivate Farms. An initiative that partners young potential farmers with retiring farmers who may want to reman in partnership but have no family to leave their land to. We are helping fund these projects that also have wildlife regeneration as part of their mission. Together with you the investor we can become a part of the carbon regeneration process whilst making money. There are a number of possibilities around each slightly different for you to be a part of.come on the journey with us!

As part of Cultivate Farms mission we adhere to their statement of the 7C’s


Creatures (Threatened species project)


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Cash flow 

Capital appreciation

There are 6 projects currently under review please enter your details below to submit your interest to receive information. #ORIG in messages

We have partnered with Organic ORIG (Increasing organic and regenerative land area through collaborative investment in Australia) and Cultivate Farms who’s mission is to raise awareness by matching retiring farmers who wish to remain on the land with a young farming family who are also wanting to buy in to work with them but cannot afford the high value of land that makes it impossible for young families to get on the land and leaves our land only able to be sold to the big agricultural corporations.


These wonderful farmers have formed a group where you can invest for as little as $1000 up to $50,000 as a member and share in the dividends of a deep practise of organic and regenerative farming as part of their farm manager program.

Cultivate farms

Cultivate farms are partnered with DomaCom. So when you choose a project with Urth you actually invest direct with the Fund or Trust managing the project. As Urth we are here just to let you know about them! You can invest through Domacom on certain projects with as little as $2500!

Domacom are fully ASX listed with fully open public books. Each investment is a prorata share of the project so you might be in with investors who have millions invested but your share is proportionate and receives the same share dividend and capital growth as all other shares of the project. Projects through this team and Cultivate farms will be mentored with our regeneration educators and business advisors RCS so we all are there to support the young person and see they, the land and the investor flourishes for all of us!

Current project was sold into conventional market.

*New investment projects in ORIG require an inexpensive membership to be eligible under their Trust laws ($50) please click here or, if you are part of a syndicate membership this is not needed to satisfy the laws they are bound by.

Not only is this very inexpensive, you become part of a wonderful group of committed people dedicated to soil restoration!

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