Why Whales and blockchain?

whale tail

Why Blockchain? Why Whales?

One of the biggest issues for making a change on the earth is the financial pathway.

Ie, the climate is not such an insolvable problem. Nature easily can fix it, but the issue is us and our relationship with money.  Issues of money, corruption and authentication - an even bigger problem.

Ok let's get back to nature and look at the climate and whales and no, I don’t mean large volume investors that affect the crypto prices, but real whales, the kind that live in the sea! - so here are some basics:

The planet is 75% water and most of our atmosphere is generated by the activity of the life in the sea - our fish are being fished out at alarming rates despite “scientific monitoring”; the fish are taken at levels way beyond what nature can replace at this rate. 


The whales are the key…

(90% of all whales have been fished to extinction. Yes you heard me 90%!)

What whales do

Whales fertilise the sea with their poo. Great plumes of green spread from way down in the depths of the ocean as they feed to the very top enabling a plethora of microbes and plants… the first most important element in all food chains.

Without food, water and sunlight the microbes don't proliferate.

Without microbes, the plants don't breath and reproduce.

Without plants, the smaller sea creatures have nothing to eat.

Without these creatures - krill and shrimp etc that we seem to love to consume as though they were limitless - the larger fish have nothing to eat… and on up until you get the sharks that clean the waters.

An entire beautiful loop. So when we strip any of these big players out we kill the system.  Sure, some can go and others adapt but we have taken too much.

Much as we like to think it is all cared for… the really big issues for our survival are food and clean water. These are of paramount importance to fixing all sorts of bigger problems. But there is no point expecting a starving family to be thinking of anything but trying to survive or a corrupt culture to do anything but operate in the only way it knows how. It is in this space that blockchain is disrupting poverty and creating a means for the billions of people without protection from their government or access to a national identity, that the blockchain is really shaking things up.

Any creature will do its best to strip the immediate environment of whatever it can to feed, cloth and house itself and its young. solutions but be thoughtful and intelligent.

Ok so that is all obvious and you have seen charity and education efforts at play being touted all your lives but the reality, we all know, is that there are many factors at play to stop great solutions from actually working.


Ok so why blockchain?


At its core, blockchain is incorruptible.

If you know the address of a code given to you is from or for the person you are sending it to, then it will go there.

It is clearly seen on the blockchain for everyone to view. 

- if you are sending a bitcoin somewhere enter the address or transaction code (after you have sent it) into the www.blockchain.info search bar at the top of the page and it will show what happened to the coin in the internet and how it is progressing in the blockchain.

Anyone can see this forever. Once it is in the chain it cannot be altered

-for ethereum enter it into etherscan.com and enter your address or transaction hashcode (called a TX ) in that search bar. It is always there.

ps, all ERC20 tokens are also on etherscan.com.

Ok, so why is this important?

Because vulnerable people often have people in the middle steal the money, simple.

Call it a bank, an agency, a govt. whatever! A poor person is not poor because they won’t work, it is often because they have no way to do the most basic of things like having access to an ethical bank account to store funds so they can get ahead of starvation with a law that will protect their money or even have a govt identity. So people will strip the ocean of life to eat just as they have almost stripped the sea of whales.

Handling poverty and creating ways and means for the starving to get access to regenerative, sustainable food supplies and clean water, that supports bio diversity, education and the means to regeneration is a much needed path to reducing the way we strip the earths resources.

Save the Whales is one of many blockchain solutions being invented, funded by the millions of people who perhaps have the luxury of not needing to scrimp to eat and so have the ability to think and understand this bio life cycle. We are excited to actually address these ideas with small personal, expendable funds, that we can authenticate and get into the hands of the people working to repair the damages we are inevitably creating and thus repopulate the whales that feed our oceans, our atmosphere and inevitably our very survival . SO yes... save the whales, save the climate is a big one. And Blockchain data and currency can help.


Take a look at this great article from the founder of Binance on why ico's can change the way you can change the world.