introduction to the Founder, Samantha Jewel and her passion

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introducing Samantha Jewel

This is just a headsup that I am going to do a series of podcasts on crypto and agriculture. The first is just an intro on me as the Founder and the journey from agriculture to blockchain part 1!

Although I am not covering this bit in the video, basically I am trying to keep these stories short as my story is long…

I have a unique background as a still practising marble and glass artist and daughter of the founding restaurant chain in Australia in 1965 that caused me to serve people most of my life and grow to care about human health through food which in turn led to agriculture, health and the climate. I have over 20 years of education in the space and a growing education in blockchain due to an immersed startup experience in Europe in 2017/2018 and then going on to learn the code of Etherium thought the blockchain centre coders course in Melbourne in Feb/ March 2018.

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