introduction to the Founder, Samantha Jewel and her passion

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introducing me

This is just a heads up that I am going to do a series of podcasts on crypto and agriculture. The first is just an intro on me as the Founder and my odd journey from agriculture to blockchain part 1!

Although I am not covering this bit in the video, basically I am trying to keep these stories short as my story is long…

I have a unique background as a still practising marble and glass artist, I am a 5 generational Australian, single mother of two great sons, daughter of the founders of the first restaurant chain in Australia since 1965 that caused me work since I was 11 and learn to love to serve people and grow to care about human health through food; the latter triggered largely due to the birth of my sons through ‘98- 2000 and the mad cow disease drawing my attention to food producers, which in turn led to agriculture, health and the climate. I have over 20 years of education in the space and have written three children’s books to help champion awareness of the solutions right beneath our feet, a company that advocates and brokers for regenerative agricultural products and now a growing education in blockchain due to an immersed startup experience in Europe during 2017/2018 and then going on to learn the code of Etherium thought the Melbourne Blockchain Centre inaugural coder’s course in Feb/ March 2018.

Im still passionate about so many things and dont ever plan to stop being so! And yes I am a true Polymath ( I only recently learned I had a term for my whacky ways)

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