entering the crypto market and learning what it and the blockchain are!

From a user perspective there are some things to watch out for…this is merely an intro to say hi and let you know we will be doing a blog on our adventures towards creating a few new tools for what we see is a whole new type of money you might be interested in.

There are many questions you may want answered. Is it a currency or is it an asset (like a stock in the stock market), when can they tax you, how much will they tax you, what is it backed by, is it backed by anything… what is it? After all, isn’t it just a mathematical equation? How can that even be money?

Stay tuned, we have been researching and gathering data from personal experience for over 9 months as a combination team in several countries from when the industry exploded earlier in the year and soon we will be able to tell you some of the do's and dont's in this brave new crypto world!  It is an exciting ride, but if you are brave and want to seize your power whilst there is still time, listen in!

It takes a bit of getting used to and really, no matter how simple it is to tell someone you need to just put $20 in and take a look, read everything you can and learn. Maybe invest in something wild but common like bitcoin. There is still the possibility of having your money grow in a way you have never seen before but you also have to be willing to risk it. There are ways to do it slowly….but not too slow or getting in you really will miss out! We started when a coin was worth under $2000 and now it is worth over $10,000 in 9 months. Too high to get in? Well no, because now you buy parts of a coin and there are lots of other ways in. We can help you but we want to make sure it is as safe as possible for you.

We will be back soon just need to get a few more ducks lined up so we give you as much current data as possible! We recently attended the Berlin Tech Open Air and the  Copenhagen Techbbq; listening and talking to others and soaking up all things tech 'til our collective heads were swimming!

Stay tuned.



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