Life on the wild side?


Hey, all you beautiful people of the wild wild world of crypto adventures!


So, we are back from adventures and travels and take pause for a deep breath whilst viewing and learning of this extraordinary movement.


Stretching out this month we have been investigating various platforms that trade coin, only to find many that are less than ethical or secure. As the platforms that trade the coin gain in popularity so too do the variations in security and service.  There are private platforms that are very secure and highly governed and utterly hidden ones! So really it is a matter of if you are a wild woman or a more shy creature.

Personally, we are wild ones and have tried several platforms in the name of research and to see where and how we can improve in this brave new world of finance. A world we as women get to be involved in from the beginning! No censure, or judgment.  But know, it is basically all you. Alone no help. No guy to support or censure you, but also no government or back up to take a hacker to task if they steal from you, only your persistence and shopping dollar saying "no, I will not stay here, because I am the market!"

Don't think there have not been failures...we have lost big dollars doing this research so take heed to move your coin slowly. But there is also no corruption to tax choose where you want your spend to go to help! Taxation regulation is defintely coming in various countries but not yet mostly, so look into your own area or just be prepared that any gain could be taxed by your government. 

Where is your risk level? That will be something we will discuss in future blogs. 

Crypto money has the potential to create great changes for the good on the planet and already has seen places like Colombia, known for its cartels of drugs, violence and corruption at its highest level, see a surge of women and families bypassing all this in their anonymity to create a good, secure, ethical life outside of all this violence and corruption. We met the creator of the largest diaspora outside Colombia with a community of over 5 million members who love their land but live outside it, because of this corruption, seeing the way forward to support their country through cryptocurrency.

So it is all of our humanity involved right now. Take your hat in your hand in the winds of these changes and ride the energy seeking your own power!!

Tell me what you want to know that you have to already Googled for we are here to help!

earth news signing out!





Photo by Slavaleks/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Slavaleks/iStock / Getty Images