Climate Change… why don’t we say Climate Opportunities?

finding joy in what you think about

finding joy in what you think about

Climate change is real but the rhetoric to engage us appears to be in an ever dwindling spiral of annihilation for us! It appears to address the very lowest of our collective, creative potential. There are so many articles that appeal to fear but provide no real, immediate actions that resonate!

So I am positing solutions.

But let’s review some of the parameters

In Australia for instance, 48% of ALL land is owned by farmers.

Land ownership! Now that’s power right? “Political power” — but is it?

When 2 farmers a day suicide here from the financial pressure of land prices soaring and market forces dropping the value of the produce they create to support being on the land?

Most don’t know this, but 100 years ago a ton (maybe the measure is tonne) of wheat sold for $100 -ok it was possibly called guineas or £ then but let’s stick with dollars! Today it can go for as little as $138 or less a tonne… now let’s get this straight. No matter which apples you compare here, that spells poverty to many farmers who are literally going to the wall and, more importantly, it spells disaster for all our nutrition levels. Because corporate take overs have no interest in farm, farmer, animal or soil health, let alone you — the consumer …they service just a desire to feed the cry for cheaper food and make money from it.

So a loaf of bread or a litre of milk now often costs more to make for the farmer than what is paid for it. And that means the land, the farmer and ultimately the climate and all of us suffer. Because they will do whatever not to lose the farm so many have been stripping the land without the means to give back to it for a while now!

That’s just one example but the big, broad acre produce that provide the global masses with staples are what effect all of us the most. Rice, corn, wheat, proteins, these are all in high demand in every increasing volumes.

I personally focus on the big issues yet appreciate that every movement starts with as little as one person, possibly a trickle of beauty a shimmer of light on a tiny stream to break a dam rather than addressing slow, groaning, overwhelming cancer.

It’s all alterable but perhaps it requires us to merely stop and think first?

So what is really first in importance for you?

Your health?

Oh look! We have some solutions for that! Sleep? Yes, we got that! A roof perhaps? Money?

It’s different for everyone, so start with what’s real for you and find an action in alignment with that.

I try to have everything I inform and promote on my websites be in alignment with my desire for beauty, balance and connection, together with my admiration for nature from the food I buy and the farmers I support to steward the planet to the people I support in my life.

From our thoughts, to the matter we create around us and contribute to I focus on beauty and serendipity! Win-win solutions.

Nature will change with our individual actions. So I suggest to merely start with knowing a little about the journey of the food you eat.

Your shopping dollar is more powerful and political than anything else. Shake a fist at a politician? Pfft. March in numbers, as the children did globally and maybe a small, more enlightened nation moves to address what they can without losing their seat at the international table of negotiations.

But for me that stuff is all smoke and mirrors I feel I can neither relate to nor influence; handshakes and deals we know less than nothing about nor would I choose to rabbit down those holes.

But you CAN grow good food if you have land or a nature strip even, buy good food easily or if too costly, purchase the seeds and even grow in from a one bed room space with a little light, air, nutrition and water. So take the steps you can afford that bring you joy, not strain and step forward into this brave new world of connection that is slowly pulling the shades up and breathing in the sunlight!

I invite you to visit my website for suggestions and a few select products I connect food creator’s and their products to you.

Please come join me on the journey to rebalance our earth.