Urth is happy to include all projects that fit our climate mission with Agriculture and Bioenergy being the start and end of the circular system of Urth, so let’s start with the soil and sequestering the carbon. These are land investment projects followed by Bio Energy investment opportunities below to return the waste energy into live energy for the soil. Please note Urth offers no investment advise the projects and funds associated offer this directly.

Agriculture projects

The following are some of the current projects we have coming in partnerships with ORIC, an organic farmers co-op and Cultivate Farms - an initiative that partners young, potential farmers with retiring farmers who may want to reman in partnership but have no family to leave their land to. We are helping because these projects also have wildlife regeneration as part of their mission. Together with you, the investor, we can become a part of the carbon regeneration process whilst making money. There are a number of possibilities around each that are slightly different for you to be a part of so welcome on the journey with us!

As part of Cultivate Farms mission we adhere to their statement of the 7C’s


Creatures (Threatened species project)




Cash flow 

Capital appreciation

There are several land purchase projects currently under review to qualify for micro funding but are available now for sophisticated and wholesale investors! Please enter your details below to submit your interest to receive information.

Cultivate farms are partnered with DomaCom. Urth is “dating service for the earth and the climate” to rebalance us! You can invest through Domacom on certain projects with as little as $2500 through your own bank account - make an urth account and start saving for your future; pledge as little or as much as you wish weekly or monthly!

Also on Domacom is Urth’s first bioenergy project: the fully renewable reuse of our effluent and waste from all our organic matter. The company is called Uilitase a 24/7 renewable energy. Watch CEO Fiona Waterhouse. or download brochure below.

Domacom are fully ASX listed with fully open public books. Each investment is a pro-rata share of the project so you might be in with investors who have millions invested but your share is proportionate and receives the same rights and share of dividend and capital growth as all other shareholders.

Land Projects created through this partnership and Cultivate Farms to nurture young farmers will be mentored with our regeneration educators and business advisor group, RCS so we all are there to support the young person and see that they, the land and the investor flourishes for all of us!

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the 24/7 solution to energy using all animal, human and organic effluent to power towns and eventually cities. Earth toe earth beyond solar, wind, hydro and geothermal is the reality we will always make waste and investing in technology that uses outr wastes to power us, create clean water and compost for the earth is a true beyond the change concept. These units, unlike traditional bioenergy units, can digest mixed wastes whereas before they needed to be a ‘clean’ waste source which is not not always possible.

Utilitase bio energy - please click here to visit funder website - DomaCom facilitating the money handling

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click  here  to download brochure

click here to download brochure

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